About Me

How I got to where I am today

Growing Up

I was born in Basildon, Essex and grew up just next door in Billericay. My secondary education was at a grammar school in Southend. I then went to Brunel University to study biomedical sciences. For my third year, I did a placement year at St George's University Hospital working on e-learning technology. Towards the end of my placement year, I decided to apply for a job that I had come across, and once I received the offer, decided to discontinue my degree.

Image by Ivan Aleksic

Becoming Political

I've always been someone that tries to help others, but as I moved from university into the big open world, I wasn't sure how best I could achieve that. On my placement year, I ended up testing out some e-learning courses from other organisations, one of which was from the Houses Of Parliament. After going through the course, and for the first time having the UK political system be explained to me, I decided that that was the way that I wanted to make change. Not long after I visited parliament with my local Labour MP, and not long after joined the Green Party.


Making Change Happen

Since becoming a member of the Green Party, I've tried to be an active member and helping to make change happen. For 3 years I was a member of the Democracy and Accountability Committee of the Young Greens - the people that make sure the constitution is being followed, and they also organise the process for any votes for elections or motions.

In 2020, I ran for Deputy Leader of the Green Party and achieved 282 first preference votes. I was not elected, but I do believe that my campaign has had some influence in the direction of the Green Party moving forward. Before the election, I was mostly unknown to the majority of the party, so I'm very happy with the results.

I have since been selected as a candidate in Lewisham for the 2022 Council elections, and am working hard to make Lewisham better for the people who live there.