My Candidate Statement 2022

For the Green Party of England and Wales Deputy Leadership election 2022.

The success of the Green Party is essential for building a society that works for everyone. We have had great results in local elections year after year, showing that communities can and do believe that we are the best people to represent them. But we need to convert that momentum into getting MPs elected too. We need to be bold, loud, and confident that the future we're promising is the best way forward. We need ambitious leadership to deliver that outcome.


The role of Deputy Leader breaks down into four main responsibilities, here’s what I can offer for each of those, and what I want to strive to change:


Voting member of Green Party Executive (GPEx)

  • Young Greens Democracy and Accountability committee (3 years). I am confident dealing with constitutions and policy documents, and working out how to deliver things within their limits.

  • Union Representative (2 years). My focus is always on resolutions, even if progressing to the best outcome involves difficult conversations or temporary conflict.

  • I will push for a more actively transparent GPEx so that members know what’s being discussed, and how their elected representatives voted.


Supporting local election campaigns

  • Lead organiser and candidate for the Lewisham Local and Mayoral Election campaign. I have a strong understanding of our target-to-win strategy, with experience of all individual elements that make it up. I can relate to and support other campaign organisers well as I have experienced what they’re going through.

  • Target-to-win is good, but we can be even more efficient and more effective. I will push for and encourage experimenting with new campaigning ideas within that framework, ensuring we measure if any changes were successful or not.


Representing the party in the media

  •  A confident speaker, with public speaking training and experience. I’m experienced with explaining complex ideas in an understandable and relatable way for a variety of audiences.

  • I will be bold and loud about our policies, and explain why they work in a way that can connect with a wider audience. I care a lot about using accessible language to make sure there is no barrier to people becoming interested in Green politics.


Representing the party to the membership

  • I’m a young activist that understands the experience of joining the party, and how we can encourage our members to get involved.

  • I’m aware of the lack of diversity amongst our membership, and will constantly challenge decisions which are not actively creating progress in this area.

Integrity is more important than ever in politics, and the single quality I value most. As a political party that wants a better kind of politics, we need to show integrity at all times. If we are not loud and clear about the policies we want to see implemented and how we believe they result in the best outcome for everyone, then we do not have integrity. I can commit to being that bold, loud, and confident voice we need.

Vote for Nick Humberstone as your 1st preference for Deputy Leader.