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Why politics?

The problem with politics is that all politicians are useless. You vote in one side, the other side just constantly criticises them, and nothing gets done. Occasionally they switch sides.

That's a quote. A quote by an earlier version of me.

That was my understanding of politics, and it's a view I'm sure is shared by many around the country. If that was your view on politics, what would you do in an election? Who would you vote for? Would you vote at all?

To make the situation worse, some newspapers will provide you with repeated fears about one side and what they would do if they were in control. If you've already decided you don't like politics and don't want to read up on it, then an occasional article popping up about how one side will destroy the country might just be enough to get you to vote for the side the newspaper wants you to.

So when did things change for me?

Throughout all of my time growing up, I always wanted to make a positive impact on the world. I wanted to make things better for others, but hadn't really settled on how I could actually go about doing that. Whilst working on creating e-learning courses during a placement year, I stumbled upon and went through a course produced by the Houses of Parliament. I finally got my first glimpse of how politics actually works, or at least in theory how it is meant to deliver change.

And that was it. I found a method to bring about change. Are there other methods? Sure. But this was one I came across that appealed to me. From then, I've decided to pursue politics with everything I have.

I can't say that my goal won't ever change, maybe someday I decided politics isn't the method I want to pursue to make the world better. But given the choice of:

  • Floating aimlessly around in the world with a desire to make the world better but no direction to get started

  • Making a commitment to relentlessly pursue something that might work, even if it might turn out to not be the best or optimal way of achieving it

I will always choose the latter. And there you have it, that's why I'm choosing politics - at least for now.

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